The Pinterest Manager Course by Taylor Bonham

The Pinterest Manager Course

My signature framework that took me from minimal marketing knowledge to being a booked out Pinterest Manager.

If you're looking for a way to make $10,000 in 3 months, this isn't for you.
I'm not here to take you to a million dollars.

I'm here to help you start and grow a RELIABLE and ATTAINABLE Pinterest Manager business to help you finally work from home, replace your full-time job and run your own successful business.

How is this course setup?

When you purchase, you will get INSTANT access to the self-paced course, templates & documents to help you start and grow your Pinterest Manager business. 

What People Are Saying...

Don't take it from me, read what other course students are saying about the education & training!

Sneak Peek Into The Course:

1. Stepping Into Your Zone 
Creating a steady work routine is vital for having a successful, growing business. In this module, we talk about setting a clear space for your work, setting a schedule and how to continuously revisit having a healthy mindset.

2. Setting up Your Business
Setting up your business with the foundations is very important. In this module, we discuss how to have good sales calls, setting up contracts for those clients, invoicing, proper time management / task organization and more. (onboarding / off boarding templates, sales call scripts and more)

3. Ideal Client + Finding Them 
Figuring out the type of ideal / businesses that we want to work with helps steer us in the right direction on how to find those leads. In this module, we talk about the types of businesses that are great to target with Pinterest services, as well as how we can find these clients. We go over the different strategies you can use to find clients as well --- social media marketing, email strategies, in-person networking and more.

4. Marketing Your Business
Being able to market your business is very important when needing to find clients to work with. In this module, we talk about how to set up and market our services in a variety of ways on Facebook, Instagram and our own websites. As well, we touch on the topic of content creation and how it can be such a power strategy to bring clients your way.

5. Pinterest Basics
In this module, we talk about Pinterest as a whole and the basics you need to know to get started in your business, as well as managing client accounts too.

6. Tailwind Basics
In this module, we are going over the wonderful Pinterest scheduler -- Tailwind. We talk about the basics you need in order to use this powerful tool for your client accounts.

7. Client Management + Workflows
Managing client accounts is super important -- doing it properly is even more important. In this module, we discuss managing Pinterest client accounts, creating GOOD monthly reports and what analytics we want to focus on (pssst, did I mention plug-and-play monthly report templates 👏), workflows for different types of Pinterest services (with customizable Trello templates), how to respond to Pinterest clients and more.

8. Scaling Your Pinterest Business
When you are booked out (you don't have any more time to take on more clients), it's important to be able to increase your monthly income. In this module, we discuss the different ways in which you can scale your business and bring in extra money without sacrificing your time.
A mini lesson into using Canva as a Pinterest Manager. Creating Pinterest graphics, templates for clients and a variety of tutorials to bring your inspiration. (psssst: 20 Pinterest templates too!) 

Additional bonus modules are releasing in the next several months as well, 
which include:
  1. Email Marketing (Dec 15)
  2. Google Analytics (Nov 30)


Do I need experience for this course?

No, you do not. This course was built to take you from very little knowledge, to setting up your virtual business, to learning the Pinterest basics, marketing yourself to clients and finding them.

How much money can I make?

The amount is up to you and how much you work on marketing yourself. As a business owner, you can make as much as you dream.. but, this also requires time and dedication.

There are people who start this and only make $500 per month. Others make this a full-time business to make $5000+ per month.

What if I need extra support?

You can join The Pinterest VA Society on Facebook to ask questions and connect with other Pinterest Managers.

You can also pay $97 for 3-months to my private membership for Pinterest and Business support.

-- Ask me for more information on that --

Am I Ready To Start A Business?

Starting a business as a Pinterest VA or Pinterest Manager can be a fun and profitable venture. Trust me, I have tried almost every work from home opportunity you can think of (MLM, freelance writing, surveys, applying to remote jobs, etc). None of those worked out for me!
When I heard from my sister that people can make money from running other’s Pinterest accounts, I thought she was crazy! I researched the HECK out of becoming a Virtual Assistant and a Pinterest Manager. From that first idea, I was motivated to start my own online business.... and, guess what? I DID!
I have personally spent hundreds of hours researching virtual assistant businesses, all about becoming a Pinterest Manager, a variety of Pinterest strategies and growth techniques, marketing your online business and more. I lay it ALL OUT IN THIS COURSE. I want you to be able to take this course, complete it, participate in the EXCLUSIVE community and be able to have the knowledge to run your own Pinterest-focused business.
Whether you want to make $500 extra per month, or want to go at this full time and make $2000-$5000+ per month -- I am here to teach you all of those strategies to help make it a reality! I am so excited for your brand new journey and am pumped that I get to help you build it from the START!